Why cloud software?

We offer you our software as a cloud service. For you it means no upfront investment in servers or software licensing. You just open a browser, log in and start using it on your computer or mobile device.

What does it cost me?

You can choose from several subscriptions. We offer different subscriptions for shippers and carriers. You get a discount if you are a combined shipper and carrier.

Each of your employees will get their own log-in name and you will pay a monthly subscription per employee that is using the system. There are no extra or hidden costs. You can stop using and paying for our software any time you want. If you want, we will provide you with a way to download your data to your computer in the case you quit your subscription.

What functionality will become available?

The features available in the first version are listed under Shippers and Carriers. We will be constantly adding new features and improving existing features. We listen to our customers and their need for new functionality, so in the end you decide how the system will evolve.

Which browser do I have to use?

Our software is tested with Internet Explorer (version 10 and up), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

We are using open standards like HTML5 and CSS, so our software is compatible with all browsers supporting those standards.

Is my data save?

Securing your data and monitoring the system has our top priority. Security not only means that only you and your employees have access to your data, but also means that your data will never be lost and will always be available, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. For this we are using Microsoft Azure, a well-proven, very reliable cloud platform with multiple datacenters around Europe. Together with our partner Microsoft we guarantee that your data is secured against theft, fire and hardware problems.

Which technology are you using?

Our top engineers are using the latest technology for creating software that is fast, reliable and working on all major browsers on different devices. The internet is used as the connection between our servers and your computer. A secured connection is established by using SSL. This means that all data is encrypted when transferring it between you and our servers. So you can use our system in public places without worrying about somebody listening and seeing your data. Notice that the address bar in your browser displays “https:\” instead of “http:” and a green slot is shown which indicates that we are an authenticated party with a unique SSL certificate.

Our software works even with slower internet connections, because it transfers only the minimal amount of data that is needed between your computer and our servers.

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We are a young, dynamic and flexible company with a no-nonsense culture. Combining our extensive knowledge of software engineering with transportation enables us to create innovative solutions.

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Our vision is that transport management software must be available for every company, even the smallest one. Our integrated marketplace provides an easy way for companies to work together.

We focus on customer satisfaction: we develop very user-friendly software that is easy to learn and we are in close contact with our customers.