As a carrier you can let the system assist you in processing and monitoring orders and transports.

The following features are available to carriers:

  • Fleet Management. You can administer all your trucks, tractor units and trailers.
  • Administer your customers and their addresses and opening times. The address book contains all addresses of all your customers and can be used when entering transports, so you never have to type an address twice.
  • Online customer portal. Your customers can enter orders and can view the status of their orders.
  • Transport order management. You can enter transport orders yourself or you can approve or cancel transport orders that have been entered by your customers. You will be notified if a transport order needs your attention. You can upload documents (CMR’s, weight dockets, packing slips etc.) and link them to orders.
  • Plan-board. Transports can be assigned to trucks or trailers on the plan-board. You can compose routes for your drivers and (re)link trailers to trucks.
  • Timelines will show the progress and statuses of transport orders and transports over time.
  • Generation of invoices and reminders for overdue invoices. After you have marked an order as being paid, the system will no longer notify you about the order.
  • Search the marketplace for transports. You can provide search criteria like the area in which the load address must be located and the equipments of your trucks and trailers. The system can automatically offer you transports that match your criteria as soon as they are available on the marketplace. You can bid on transports of your interest and communicate with the shipper via a messaging sytem. The marketplace is fully integrated into the system, so transports that you get from the marketplace will automatically show up on your plan-board.

Each of your employees gets her or his own login name. Employees can be authorized for the features they are allowed to do. The timeline shows by which employees an order was processed and by which employee a transport was assigned on the plan-board. Each employee can be a member of one or more departments or branch offices.

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