As a shipper you can let us find the best match for your shipment.

Our strength is a broad experience in and knowledge of transport, which enables us to find or create the most efficient solution for any road transport. Our network consists of over 2600 international carriers. This enables us to find the best match for your shipments. If necessary, we will provide you with one of the trailers that are driven by well-trained subcontractors that drive for us on a daily basis.

As a shipper, the following features in our TMS portal will be available to you:

  • Create transport orders and publish them to the marketplace. You can also assign a transport order directly to a carrier that is using the system. Finally you can let us find a carrier for you.
  • Accept biddings that are made by carriers for your transport orders.
  • Assign transport orders to interested carriers.
  • Receive notifications each time a bid is made and each time a status update is available for a transport order that has been assigned to a carrier.
  • Watch a timeline showing the progress and status updates of a transport order.
  • Communicate with carriers via a messaging tool.
  • Use the address book for administering all addresses and their opening times that you are using in your transport orders, so you never have to enter an address twice.

Each of your employees gets her or his own login name. The timeline shows by which employee an order was entered and by which employee it was assigned to a carrier. Each employee can be a member of one or more departments or branch offices.

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We are a young, dynamic and flexible company with a no-nonsense culture. Combining our extensive knowledge of software engineering with transportation enables us to create innovative solutions.

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Our Vision

Our vision is that transport management software must be available for every company, even the smallest one. Our integrated marketplace provides an easy way for companies to work together.

We focus on customer satisfaction: we develop very user-friendly software that is easy to learn and we are in close contact with our customers.